About the English Channel

Have you thought about swimming the English Channel?

The English Channel is the jewel in the crown of international marathon swimming. Swimmers from across the globe are drawn to the shores of England to make their own journey across this famous patch of water every year. All swims will start on English shore and finish on French soil –34km later (PLUS more as you can’t swim in a straight line due to the tides!).

Chloë McCardel loves swimming the English Channel (she has the Australian Record for crossings) and coaching solos and relays to swim the Channel too! She is a professional marathon swimmer / coach / speaker and ambassador. She holds the World Record for the longest solo unassisted marathon swim and has swum 21x English Channel solo crossings (14x Single, 2x Double & 1x Triple Solo Crossings). Since 2014 she successfully coached 70 swimmers (as solos/in relays) across the Channel.csa

The Channel is famous for its distance, strong tides, cold water, busy shipping traffic, jelly fish, flotsam and jetsam and unpredictable, fickle weather. Are you up for the challenge of Solo or Relay crossing from England to France? Are you ready to join the annals of Channel swimming history?

Chloë looks forward to introducing you to the enormous challenge, fun and camaraderie that channel swimming has to offer!

Is this YOU?

  • Enjoy swimming in the open water?
  • Enjoy challenging and pushing yourself?
  • Love an adventure?
  • Would you love to swim the Channel but not sure you can make a full crossing?
  • Are you booked for or considering a 2019 or 2020 Channel solo and would like to have a dress rehearsal of preparation and swimming in the Channel with extensive support and coaching?
  • Love working in a team environment to reach a goal?
  • Keen to meet athletes from across the world?

How about swimming the English Channel in a TEAM (Relay)?

4- or 6-person teams available with Chloë McCardel as your coach. Click here for more information about swimming the English Channel in a Relay. Click here to watch the video of the 2015 team ‘Aussie Crawl’ which Chloë coached!

2015 Channel Relay – Aussie Crawl


Is this YOU?… Solo Channel Swim?

  • Love the idea of marking your place in history?
  • Want to achieve a seemingly impossible goal?
  • Looking for a new mentally and physically challenging goal?
  • Keen to meet athletes from across the world?
  • Love an adventure?

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A Life Changing Experience - A Lifetime of Memories...

Swimming the English Channel -A Life Changing Experience and A Lifetime of Memories…