In early September 2014 Chloë coached three teams to swim the English Channel! Two teams were from all over America and were swimming for their Charity “Swim Across America” (SAA). One team was called “Four Buoys and a Girl” and one team was called “Aquatic Water Buffalo”. Each swimmer was required to fundraise at least US$10 000 for SAA to be part of the program. In return, Chloë organised and reserved their positions with their pilots from 2 years in advance of their swim! She also liaised with SAA and coached all the swimmers via distance leading into the Channel Relays and whilst in town, crewed for one of the teams during their swim and covered her costs to be in England with the teams. Even though their goal was to raise US$10 000 (total $US100 000) they raised over US$125 000!!! The teams had an informal race. They started at the same time and were trying to be the first team to reach French soil! Four Boys and a Girl were victorious and the They were amazing both in and out of the water :)The Charity Relays were very successful in terms of completing their Relays, meeting their Fundraising targets and from the feedback from the participants and SAA. The Charity Relays will run again in 2016 and will be open to Charity Relays from across the world!


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“Dear Chloe,
I can’t thank you enough for ALL of your hard work last week with taking the SAA swimmers across the channel!  I have spoken to nearly all the participants and one theme that is incredibly consistent in their feedback is how absolutely incredible you were!  They all raved and raved about how you made their once-in-lifetime accomplishment so special and one they will never forget!  ;@)….
Thank you thank you thank you for all you have done for us over the past year!  Simply amazing!!
Janel Jorgensen McArdle
President / CEO
Swim Across America


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