Channel Swim Coaching

2015 = 43 successful swimmers!!

In 2015 Chloë coached 7x Relays and 2x Solos (43 swimmers) to swim the Channel. The two solo swimmers were Grant Callaghan and Brett Davis from Melbourne Australia. The Relays came from across the world (see below). The international relay consisted of swimmers from Australia, Sweden, India, USA and England!

2015 Relay pic

2014 = 3x English Channel Relay Success!

In early September 2014 Chloë coached three teams to swim the English Channel! Two teams were from all over America and were swimming for their Charity “Swim Across America” (SAA). One team was called “Four Buoys and a Girl” (the swimmers were Rip Reeves, Bob Burrow, Timothy Lovett, Alexa Stanco and Trevor Stanco) and one team was called “Aquatic Water Buffalo” (their swimmers were Scott Arcenas, Brian Ebke, Matthew Evans, Grant Wentworth and Mark Wentowrth). Each swimmer was required to fundraise at least US$10 000 for SAA to be part of the program. In return, Chloë organised and reserved their positions with their pilots from 2 years in advance of their swim! She also liaised with SAA and coached all the swimmers via distance leading into the Channel Relays and whilst in town and also crewed for one of the teams during their swim. More info here.

The third team was “ACDC – Thunderstroke” they were a group of 4 Aussies, living in Australia and Japan! Chloë coached them in person and online for a year leading into their Relay. ACDC – Thunderstroke is a pun to include the world famous Australian Rock Band ACDC and one of their hit songs “Thunderstrike” by changing it to “Thunderstroke”. The team members were Nick Skinner, Jason Jensen, Ashlyn (Ash) Frazer and Grant Callaghan.

The Relays swam through some challenging conditions, especially ACDC who had Force 4 conditions for an hour. Luck had it that Ash happened to be scheduled to swim this whole hour and she stoically fought through it! All the Relays were successful and completed their swims under 12 hours, finishing on or next to Cap Griz Ney!

For 2015 Chloë has expanded the number of positions available due to the demand. She will be coaching 6x Relays and 2x Solos to swim the English Channel (all 2015 positions are filled). In 2016, she will expand again adding a DOUBLE RELAY CROSSING to her Solo and Single Relay offerings (positions now available! For more info about 2016 Relays CLICK HERE or for more info about 2016 SOLOS CLICK HERE).



Dear Chloe,
I can’t thank you enough for ALL of your hard work last week with taking the SAA swimmers across the channel!  I have spoken to nearly all the participants and one theme that is incredibly consistent in their feedback is how absolutely incredible you were!  They all raved and raved about how you made their once-in-lifetime accomplishment so special and one they will never forget!  ;@)….
Thank you thank you thank you for all you have done for us over the past year!  Simply amazing!!”
Janel Jorgensen McArdle
President / CEO
Swim Across America

As a lifelong swimmer, attempting the English Channel has been more than a thought for many years.  In 2014, I was offered an opportunity to be part of a relay team to attempt the English Channel and represent the Swim Across America organization.  SAA raises money for cancer research and awareness.  As part of my commitment to the SAA team, I was provided an English Channel swimming coach….Chloe McCardel from Australia.  I am 54 years old and have been swimming and participating in triathlons for as long as I can remember, so of course I didn’t think I needed a swim coach.  I immediately googled Chloe and was initially impressed by her open water swimming accomplishments.  More importantly (as a guy!), I was also impressed by how attractive she is from her photos….big blue eyes, great smile, blonde hair and obviously athletic.  I convinced myself I could “suffer” thru some Skypes and emails with Chloe over the next several months in preparation for our Channel attempt, as did two of my team mates Bob and Tim!   On our team’s first Skype, Chloe’s engaging personality quickly took center stage.  Her knowledge of open water swimming is thoroughly impressive and her enthusiasm is contagious.  I began to look forward to our calls and emails as a friendship began to build.   Her advice and guidance through this “bucket list” adventure was invaluable.  Chloe struck a nice balance between giving us confidence so we would enjoy the swim, yet give us enough warning to ensure we respected the challenge and thus prepare properly.  Chloe helped us in all aspects of our preparation —  detailed workouts, nutrition, clothing, fundraising and etc.  One of Chloe’s more endearing qualities is how humble she is regarding her accomplishments and knowledge, which is typical of open water swimmers….and her Australian accent doesn’t hurt either!  On September 1, 2014 our team successfully swam the Channel in 11 hours and 13 minutes.  Chloe was cheering us on the whole way, while her husband Paul was updating their Facebook page with our progress so our friends and relatives could follow along.  At this point, I cannot imagine the Channel experience without her guidance and coaching.  I am confident Bob, Tim and I will keep close with Chloe, and we hope to be lucky enough to have her coach us in another swimming endeavor in the future.  If you  need a swim coach and/or charity organizer….Chloe is awesome!!!

Sincerely — her big fans,
Rip Reeves, New Jersey
Bob Burrow, Massachusetts
Tim Lovett, New York