Lo-Chlor Logo New June 2014


I have constantly strived to “GO THE DISTANCE” during my career in marathon swimming, spanning 8 years to date, with the ultimate aims of breaking World Records & Inspiring others to lead a Healthy and Active Lifestyle. I am VERY EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE a new partnership with Lo-Chlor, a company who have also “GONE THE DISTANCE” for over 30 years in the pool and spa industry, whose ultimate aim is to make the healthiest and highest quality pool and spa chemicals for the domestic Australian and international market.

My first experience with Lo-Chlor products was quite by chance. You may recall that I swam a 16 hour World Record earlier this year in a SwimSpa that was using AQUASPA® which is a CHLORINE FREE CHEMICAL PROGRAM for spas. I am now personally endorsing the amazing company Lo-Chlor who supply AQUASPA® to retail outlets across Australia. Why? Because I believe it is a GREAT product 🙂  ChloePaul-LoChlor3

You may feel that if you have swum in one pool or spa then you know exactly how every other pool or spa is going to feel to swim in. “I swim up to 10x sessions a week in a public chlorinated pool so I know a thing or two about chlorine and the effect it has on swimmers. It deteriorates my bathers, leaves my hair constantly dry, my skin feeling dry, red, itchy and tight – and worst of all that harsh smell we are all too familiar with which you can never seem to wash off!” But, swimming in AQUASPA® was a whole different experience – fresh, clean, no chlorine odour or residue – it felt like swimming in a lake which was fed by a natural spring. Even after 16 hours swimming in AQUASPA® I had no chlorine rashes, red burning eyes, chafing, smell or any other nasty side-affect from Chlorine! I was so pleasantly surprised! I was very comfortable and happy in the water for the entire swim.

Prior to the training sessions leading into the SwimSpa World Record I had never before enjoyed a pool or spa swim using CHLORINE FREE TECHNOLOGY. As a swimmer – I wish my regular swim training public pool and all other pools and spas used this program! Unfortunately, I do not control the pool management system where I swim train. But at home you have a CHOICE for your Pool or Spa.

I was so delighted with my experience that I decided to investigate further into this company, Lo-Chlor Chemicals, and discovered that they are a family owned Australian business with virtually all of their products being manufactured in their factory in Sydney. I have now visited their factory and seen their products being created in front of my own eyes! Since their inception, over 30 years ago, they have risen to become the largest manufacturer of healthy, problem solving, money saving pool and spa chemicals in the world.

I decided “GO THE DISTANCE” with Lo-Chlor Chemicals because I can see that they are already WAY AHEAD IN THE RACE to provide domestic pool and spa owners with the ultimate in CHLORINE FREE TECHNOLOGY. If you have not tried their products yet – you have no idea what you are missing out on!