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MEDIA RELEASE: 8 Oct 2014: Chloe announces world record attempt in Bahamas

MEDIA RELEASE: 1 Feb 2014:  Chloe sets 16 hour endurance record for Swim-Spa
MEDIA RELEASE: 27 Jan 2014: Endurance attempt to stream live online
MEDIA RELEASE: 23 Jan 2014:  Chloe to attempt endurance swim record in a ‘swim-spa’

MEDIA ALERT: 13 June 2013: Cuba-US swim ends prematurely 
: 13 June 2013:  Chloe underway from Cuba to US
PRESS RELEASE: 11 June 2013:  Chloe “GO” for Cuba to US

PRESS RELEASE: 30 December 2012:  Cuba to US swim announced for June 2013.
MEDIA ALERT: 9 SEPTEMBER 2012: Triple English Channel crossing attempt ends prematurely.
PRESS RELEASE: 6 September 2012:  Chloe McCardel announces English Channel triple crossing is “GO”!

:  18 August 2011:  Chloe McCardel vows to re-attempt English Channel triple crossing.
PRESS RELEASE:  24 April 2011:  Chloe McCardel breaks local and world record at Bondi
MEDIA ALERT: 24 April 2011 5AM: Chloe McCardel begins record breaking swim at Bondi
PRESS RELEASE: 22 April 2011: McCardel Bondi record attempt confirmed for Easter Sunday
PRESS RELEASE: 13 April 2011.  McCardel triple English Channel swim ‘Tougher than Everest’
PRESS RELEASE: 7 April 2011.Chloe announces triple English Channel crossing attempt and Bondi warm-up



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