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Chloë McCardel pushes the boundaries of marathon swimming one stoke at a time. Archer Talbot (Masters Swimming Victoria President) describes Chloë as ‘such an inspiration and wonderful role model for swimmers and non-swimmers alike both in the water and out’. Neil Mitchell described her as the ‘Greatest Endurance Athlete on the planet’.

In 2016 Chloë showed that the impossible can be made possible when she surpassed legendary Des Renford by taking the Australian title for most English Channel career crossings – 21. Eight of those crossings were completed between June and late October this year – the most crossings in one season in history. The Channel Swimming Association has awarded Chloë with over a dozen awards for her achievements in the Channel.

In 2015 Chloë was the first Aussie and first person in 25 years to swim a triple non-stop crossing of the English Channel (36hrs12min), she also swam an unprecedented 3x single crossings in one week a month before the triple crossing. For this feat she was chosen as the inaugural 2015 International Marathon Swimmer of the Year by the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame and presented the Poseidon Award. She was also awarded the 2015 MSF ‘Solo Swim of the Year’ (Female) for her triple crossing.

In October 2014 Chloë completed a swim from South Eleuthera Island to Nassau, Bahamas. The continuous solo swim was 124.4 kilometers (77.3 miles) which she swam in 41 hours, 21 minutes. Chloë set a new world record, the longest unassisted ocean swim, conducted under the ‘Rules of Marathon Swimming’ ratified by the Marathon Swimming Federation (MSF)*.

She also won the 2014 MSF ‘Solo Swim of the Year’ (Female) for this World Record swim. For her achievements in marathon swimming Chloë was also inducted into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in 2016 and is its youngest member.

Chloë’s Australian and World Record could not have been achieved without the wonderful support of dozens of people especially her husband Paul McQueeney and her sponsors The Pool Enclosure Company (TPEC) and Lo-Chlor (AquaFresh and AquaSpa).

Chloë’s other passion is inspiring others to live a healthy and active lifestyle and reaching their potential. She mentors and coaches many within the Australian and international open water swimming community and has personally coached over 70 people to swim the English Channel as solos and in relays, ranging in ages from 15 – 60. Chloë regularly presents to groups about her ultra-marathon swims and the life lessons she has learnt along the way.

Chloë has translated her inspiring messages to global audiences via all the major Australian networks and international media outlets such as BBC World News, CNN, Discovery Channel, Associated Press and Reuters – reaching a peak of 30 Million Google hits in 2013.


Chloë’s English Channel Crossings

2009: 12 hour 3 minute one-way crossing (#1)
2010: 21 hour 48 minute two-way crossing (#2 in 10:37, #3 in 11:11)
2011: 9 hour 3 minute crossing (#4)
2012: 19 hour 20 minute two-way crossing (#5 in 9:50, #6 in 9:30)
2014: 9 hour 12 minute one-way crossing (#7)
2015: 8 hour 52 minute one-way crossing (#8)


2015: 9 hour 56 minute one-way crossing (#9)
2015: 9 hour 48 minute one-way crossing (#10)
2015: 36 hour 12 minute three-way crossing (#11 in 11:34, #12 in 11:08, #13 in 13:30)
2016: 10 hour 45 minute one-crossing (#14)
2016: 10 hour 21 minute one-way crossing (#15)
2016: 9 hour 48 minute one-way crossing (#16)
2016: 8 hour 51 minute one-way crossing (#17)
2016: 10 hour 0 minute one-way crossing (#18)
2016: 10 hour 0 minute one-way crossing (#19)
2016: 10 hour 19 minute one-way crossing (#20)
2016: 10 hour 29 minute one-way crossing (#21)


Channel Swimming Association Awards + Plates


Fastest Two-Way Swim (double non-stop swim)

Greatest Feat of Endurance


Fastest Solo Swim (Lady or Man)

Fastest Swim by a Lady


Fastest Solo Swim (Lady or Man)

Fastest Swim by a Lady

Fastest Two-Way Swim (double non-stop swim)


Fastest Swim by a Lady


Chloë’s 36:12 triple non-stop solo crossing GPS Course in 2015. The first triple in 25 years.

Fastest Swim by a Lady

Most Meritorious Swim

Greatest Feat of Endurance

BLDSA Swimmer of the Year

Fastest Two-Way Swim (double non-stop swim)

Fastest Three-Way Swim (triple non-stop swim)

+ Commemorative Plate for Triple Non-stop Crossing


Fastest Solo Swim (Lady or Man)

Fastest Swim by a Lady

Fastest Swim on the Highest Tide

+ Commemorative Plate for World Record 8x solo swims on one season


*This swim was officially ratified by the Marathon Swimming Federation (MSF), you can find the full documentation from the swim here. The Rules of Marathon Swimming are a globally-endorsed framework of rules and guidelines for any swim in any body of water. The Documented Swims program offers a venue for publishing documentation and requesting peer-reviewed ratification of independent marathon swims.





Genazzano 2014 Inaugural Outstanding Young Alumna – Chloë McCardel

Alumna Presentation (Click Link Below)







Longest Continual Swim in a Swim Spa SUCCESS!

16 hours – Midnight Friday 31 Jan – 4pm Saturday 1 Feb, 2014

CLICK to watch a video of the WORLD RECORD!

A new World Record attempt for the longest continual swimming time in a commercially available free standing swim spa was set at the SPASA Pool & Spa + Outdoor Living Expo which was held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from 31 Jan – 2 Feb 2014. The swim spa Record meets record breaking criteria including superlative endurance, fitness, skill level, measurable by time and able to be challenged and broken in the future as swim spas are readily available worldwide for other record attempts.

The record swim was by attempted by Chloë McCardel one of Australia’s top marathon swimmers. Chloë has completed 7 solo crossings, including two double solo crossings of the English Channel, and an attempt to swim from Cuba to the US, 170+km without a shark cage in June 2013 which had to be abandoned after 11 hours due to envenomation after multiple Box Jelly Fish attacked her.

Chloë swam for 16 hours non stop including approved feed and toilet breaks. The record attempt commencing Friday evening and finishing Saturday afternoon the following day. It made the night television news on most Australian Networks. The expo was open to the general public from 10am on Saturday and many people witnessed the amazing World Record. The event was electronically timed and recorded with a live web cam feed and streamed live to the show web site and Chloë’s website.


SwimSpa World Record Proudly Sponsored by




Ambassador Roles

Chloë is a proud Brand Ambassador for Lo-Chlor (AquaSpa and AquaFresh) and The Pool Enclosure Company (TPEC). She was also the Official Ambassador for the Big Big Swim in 2013, 2014 and has been invited to undertake this role again for the 2015 event.
















Lo-Chlor Chemicals was founded by the late Andrew Simons in 1979 and is now globally recognised as the market leader in specialised pool and spa water treatment. Lo-Chlor is 100% Australian owned and Australian made and now exports to more than 25 countries around the globe. Innovation and design remain at the forefront of the company’s strategy to bring the pool and spa industry the highest quality and performance in specialty pool and spa chemicals. Chloë is especially a fan of The AquaSpa® Range, developed by Lo-Chlor. This unique, chlorine-free management system is what she swam in during her 16hr SwimSpa World Record early in 2014. It is an innovative new range that treats spas effectively; its Sanitiser is gentle on the skin, the hair and clothing and also your spa and equipment. It’s specially formulated to control the growth of bacteria and diseases. Free of chlorine and bromine, it doesn’t smell nor sting the eyes, and best of all, you won’t breathe in chemical fumes as you may with other sanitisers. What’s more, weekly doses make it both easy and economical to administer.


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Established since 2010, The Pool Enclosure Company are Australia’s leading supplier of telescopic, retractable swimming pool enclosures. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and designing and running the best projects in Australia.

Our telescopic / retractable swimming pool, spa and outdoor enclosures are designed to provide year round pool and spa usage, reduced pool heating costs, water evaporation, chemical use and debris cleaning as well as increasing water temperature and safety. Enclosures also allow the pool to be opened up again within minutes, providing the most versatile, stylish and cost effective solution for enclosing a pool or spa. They can be installed on existing pools and spas, or integrated into new pool or house/building projects. We often work with leading builders, landscapers, pool-builders and architects to produce premium, high quality integrated enclosure projects.

A telescopic / retractable terrace enclosure features one ground level track and one wall/overhead track – ideal for extending an outdoor area for your home or business. A Lean-To pool enclosure is very similar to a terrace enclosure, although it is design to enclose a pool that is in close proximity to a building or retaining wall, allowing access directly from a building into the pool area.


The Jalna Big Bay Swim

Jalna Banner

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For the last few years Jalna Dairy Foods has proudly sponsored the Big Bay Swim. All funds raised assist the Rotary Club of Point Gellibrand to continue their important charity work. This 3.2km swim is held from Port Melbourne to Commonwealth Reserve in Williamstown in Victoria. Swimmers conclude the race with Jalna yoghurt to aid their recovery. Did you know that Jalna Yoghurt is a great training and recovery food, with a good mix of quality protein with all of the essential amino acids, along with energy giving carbohydrate?

Big Bay Swim - Herald Sun


The 2015 Jalna Big Bay Swim will be held on Sunday, 22nd of February. Put it in your diaries NOW 🙂 !!



Keynote Speaking

Chloë regularly presents to groups about her ultra-marathon swims and the life lessons she has learnt along the way. Some of the groups Chloë has presented to are below. Contact Chloë directly to enquire about speaking to your group here.

2014 GSV Sports Breakfast


‘Inspirational’ would be how I would describe Marathon Swimmer Chloe McCardel. ‘Mind-boggling’ comes to mind when hearing of her many achievements. Chloe visited our School to speak to the Senior students about her story, her thirst to be the best at something from a young age and about how to achieve your dreams. It was a presentation that had students and teachers alike, glued to their seats in anticipation of what was yet to come. Chloe delivered her message in a lively manner and involved her audience throughout with the use of questioning and humour. I thoroughly recommend Chloe to any organisation looking for a fantastic and inspirational female role model as a Guest Speaker.

Sarah Farrell
Lakeside Lutheran College




 Some of the companies and organisations Chloë has been invited to speak to-

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