2018/19 Relay Swim Positions

Expressions of Interest are NOW OPEN to join a 4x or 6x Person English Channel Relay in 2018 & 2019!

If you are thinking of Swimming the English Channel (or you have already booked) as a solo in 2019 or 2020 then a relay the year before will be the perfect preparation. Many of Chloë’s solo swimmers swim in a relay the year or two before their solo. Swimming in a relay is a good dress rehearsal for your upcoming solo, the cold water and pool training is similar (although less), you will likely get the chance to swim in the Channel in the dark, swim parallel to the boat and go through the motions of waiting for your swim, tapering, boarding the channel boat, feeding from the boat, experiencing the cold water, strong tides, rough water, jellyfish, flotsam and jetsam and absorbing the sights of the French coastline as you near the finish! After the relay you will feel very familiar with the Channel and confident with what you need to do to prepare yourself physically and mentally for your own future solo swim!

English Channel Relay!




























English Channel Relay!


Sign your name into history!!

An exclusive opportunity is available to be coached by 21x Solo English Channel swimmer & World Record Holder Chloë McCardel to swim the EVEREST of marathon swimming – the 34kmSign your name into history!! English Channel – in a 4x or 6x person SINGLE CROSSING Relay during August or September 2018/19. Every Relay starts in England and each swimmer spends one hour in the water for their turn. Swimmers rotate continuously until they reach France!

This is an international offering. If you can access cold water and already swim regularly you may be eligible. Swimmers of a 2.6km an hour+ speed are welcome to apply.

Chloë will share with you her extensive experience in Channel Swimming and Coaching and personally guide you to this incredible goal.

Chloë successfully coached 70 swimmers across the English Channel (11x Relays & 7x Solos) since 2014.

Some Features include:

– Extensive training and preparation support (email communication, team meetings via Skype, and opportunities to join the Melbourne, Australia, swimming sessions and camps)
– Chloë and her team coaching and mentoring you in Dover, England

– Social activities in Dover

– Your own designated boat, pilots and observer for your relay

– Your own designated crew person on your boat to support your team

– 2x Four-day cold water training camps in 2017 & 2018 (April 22nd – 25th 2017 and July 13th – 16th 2017 – similar dates & same venue  in 2018)

– Official recognition and record of your swim by the Channel Swimming Association (CSA)…. PLUS much more!

Chloë, with the assistance of her husband Paul (himself a solo English Channel swimmer and lead support crew member on all her marathons since September 2009) has put together an unrivaled, specialized coaching program for you. Chloë and Paul have also hand picked the best channel pilots to guide you to your goal. All are official Channel Swimming Association (CSA) pilots ensuring your swim will be officially recognized!

Chloë has pre-booked HIGH PRIORITY positions with the best English Channel Boat Captains.

The Channel is famous for its distance, strong tides, cold water, busy shipping traffic, jelly fish, flotsam and jetsam and unpredictable, fickle weather. Are you up for the challenge of crossing from England to France in a Relay or Solo? Are you ready to join the annals of Channel Swimming history?


Chloë McCardel
0410 919 294